Future Shed Plans

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Future Shed Plans

We have purchased two sheds for our site and currently have them in storage, they are a 17 metres x 9 metres with a 3 metre roof height and a 9 metres x 7 metres with 2.7 metre roof height. Our latest plans before council allow for these two sheds and we will need to purchase another 9 metres x 7 metres shed, we also have 2 more buildings 12 metre x 3 metres office and 12.5 metres x 2.5 metres container, this will give us approximately 320 sq metres under cover. Here is a plan of the new shed.


Getting companies to back our project would help things along a lot quicker and then we could get involved with larger community projects. Check out our wish list and see what we need, we have started to collect things and store them at a storage facility in the short-term. We call upon the business community to get behind us and we accept donations from everybody. Our future shed plans are conservative pricing, we just need a hand to get it all up and going, we are a registered charity and we have our incorporation, so any donations are tax-deductible.

On Going Community Support

Our shed intends to keep being a support to the local community, this is a part of our future shed plans. Giving support to the elderly and disabled who are needy. Our other shed plans include being supportive of schools, child care centres, hospitals and every non-profit company that asks us for their support. In short time we have been operating we have been involved with many community projects and this will remain as a part of our future shed plans. 

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