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Future Shed Plans Price

We have had quotes for the future shed plans for us, and it is not a small shed, we need space to be able to do all our community projects in this future shed of ours. It is a good size that we have planned for our new shed 15 metres x 20 metres ( 300 sq metres ), we need this size shed for all the blokes to work in. Here is a plan of the new shed.

future shed plans price

Got to get the grant first


Getting a shed any smaller would cause us to be to crowded, checking around with the other men’s sheds in our district and they all same the thing. Getting a small shed is very frustrating and so we came to the conclusion that we need one about this size. The quotes we got will not last long, but it gives us an idea of what funding we will need to raise funds for a new shed. Future shed plans are of a workable size and we are trying to get support from Newcastle Council for a place to put this shed. We are not asking Newcastle Council for any money, in these economical hard times even they are feeling the pressure. So we hope they will help us with a site to place this shed on, and we are seeking grants and trying to raise our own finance to build this future shed of ours.

Our future shed plans will have a toilet block with a shower and an office to do our clerical work in. A good first aid room, we have to plan for accidents and sickness. A good size lunch room which we could also use for some of our meetings.

All up or future shed plans will come to about $50,000, but for what it will do for us, is give us the space to have a number of community projects on the go at one time. This is a conservative figure, we have not taken into account for a good size water tank for watering plant and plumbing sewerage and the electrical would be on top of that for our future shed plans. Our project for our future shed plans are not real big, compared to other projects, and it is very achievable.


You never know we might get better pricing for our future shed plans!

We will have to do this project in stages, but we don’t muck around with getting things happening for our structured site. We have not got quotes for the footpaths and fencing, this plan as a basic shell will cost us 39,200 that is fully installed with a lean too for spray painting area. Getting the future shed future plans to lock up stage will bring it to just under the $50,000 mark. Doing community projects at the moment is very restricted, but it does not stop us from carrying on with our work. Getting companies to back our project would help things along a lot quicker and then we could get involved with larger community projects. Check out our wish list and see what we need, we have started to collect things and store them at members places in the short-term. We call upon the business community to get behind us and we accept donations from everybody. Our shed project has been quoted by Fairdinkum Sheds, they offer us a discount to all men’s sheds. Our future shed plans are conservative pricing, we just need a hand to get it all up and going, we are a registered charity and we have our incorporation, so any donations are tax-deductible.

On Going Community Support

Our shed intends to keep being a support to the local community, this is a part of our future shed plans. Giving support to the elderly and disabled who are needy. Being needy you need to be on a low income budget and no family support. Our other shed plans include being supportive of schools, child care centres, hospitals and every non-profit company that asks us for their support. In short time we have been operating we have been involved with many community projects and this will remain as a part of our future shed plans.

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