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Mens Shed Family Support

Family support for your loved ones can be difficult when they don’t live close to you any more, if your mother or father live alone and need a friendly handyman to help out. Our charity activities are designed for this kind of support.  You or a family member may be disabled, and find it hard to get things done around the house. We are a family support service for the needy.

Sometimes a family member can tell from a distance that you are finding things difficult and they are welcome to contact the mens shed. Family support from a distance is not easy, there are other services that can be a support for those who are trying to stay at home and not get A.C.A.T assessment done and put into a nursing home. Where mens sheds come in and help out, can be we will do some landscaping or gardening to make the outside of the house look better or do internal repairs, windows, blinds, veranda repairs, fly screen repairs.

Crisis Family Support

We can help with crisis support, we are not just a handyman service, if you have somebody who can help you, or you can afford the services of a tradesman, then you should get in touch with them and not call us.

Examples of Family Support Offered

  • Poor income, home in need of repair and no support to help you – call us!
  • Wheelchair bound and no way of getting help to get a wheelchair ramp put in and you are trapped at home – Yes call us!
  • Garden is over grown and lawns need mowing and nobody to turn too – call us, we will get you out of immediate trouble and even wood chip the garden to spruce it up..
  • Veranda floor boards are rotten and has become unsafe, don’t wait for an accident – call us, we can replace the boards.
  • Frail aged and can’t get your curtains down to clean, we will help, but don’t offer a curtain cleaning service.

Call us for repairs and evaluations.

If we can’t help, a simple sorry is all you will get!

So pick up the phone or email us, and see what we can do for you!

We offer family support to the needy


Our service is a home handyman service, if you need a good website for senior services in Australia, try this site. we don’t have any association with this site, but you will find our services listed with them. In need of disability support services, try this one. There are many family support service companies in Australia, and if you think we can help you or a family member or even a friend, then contact us and talk about what you need. 

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