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Membership is $30 Per year

Why Joining Mens Sheds Is A Good Idea

Joining Mens Sheds is a good idea, social isolation can be very debilitating for men who have retired from the work force. So going down to your local backyard shed can be very good for you. Men tend to talk shoulder to shoulder and blokes who retire from work or who are long-term unemployed need a place to go and just hang out with other men. The move to joining Mens Sheds is on the increase and there is over 800 sheds in Australia. Being apart of a shed helps in many ways, regaining a sense of purpose in life, enhanced self-esteem, decreased social isolation, and friendship are just some of the benefits to being apart of a shed. Mens Sheds are a great place to learn new skills and polish old ones as well.

The Australian Mens Shed association has a vast network of sheds and looking up your post code in their map will help you find a local shed to join. Our post code is 2287, we are on the map!

This video sums up what Mens Sheds are all about.

Mens Sheds are springing up all over Australia and this video shows some of those sheds.

Like the video says, all Australian boys need a shed. Our Mens Shed is new and we are getting our shed soon, so come on down and join in on our meetings, first Tuesday of the Month at Wallsend Bowling club at 6:00 pm, see you there.
Joining Mens Sheds is pretty easy to do, no two sheds are the same, so check out your local Mens Shed and see what they are like.


Joining Mens Shed is a great idea.

Do you have any skills, carpenter, computer skills, joinery, fitter and turner skills, accounting, even webmaster skills, joining mens sheds is really good you don’t need to be qualified but it helps of mens shed if you do. You can help mentor our members. We hope to get a wood lathe and find a wood turner to do community projects on the wood lathe. So joining a mens shed is good because you will be able to use all the equipment for free.

Get active and join your local men’s shed. Shift workers are welcome to join, there are no set shifts or days with any mens sheds, if you work afternoon shift or night shift and you can spare some time,  just come along when you have some spare time. 

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