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Need Donations – Keep Activities Going

We need donations for our men’s shed, if you are having a clean out and have any tools that are no longer needed then please get in touch with Blue Gum Hills Men’s Shed, We use all donations in  a productive way and nothing goes to waste. If you are winding up a deceased estate and would like to give it to charity, we would really appreciate the donation, we get some donations from deceased estates, and they are all used for a greater purpose. Another way of donating is to leave a bequest in your will, contact us to let us know what you are planning to do. We do community projects for schools and other non-profit charities that are on a strict budget. If you have a project planned for your group and need a work force to come in and help you out, then you need to call us.

Donations offered to our shed are all used to create things for the community and help fund our shed activities, we appreciate any tools or wood that is donated to our shed, we are always in need of power tools. If you need our support, we like to get a donation at the end of the job which goes towards the next community project that we do and to cover operating costs. If you have a family member who does not live close and you know they are in need of help, then give us a call or drop us a line, we need donations but never turn a needy person away.

If you can help us with a donation this would help us to keep things going, we need donations. We have set up up a bank account, so you can donate directly, and we have installed a Pay Pal donations button.

We will always need donations and bequests,  our planned barbecues, and things we make and sell, will only partly fund us. We don’t wait for hand outs, our women’s auxiliary are getting busy fundraising for our focus on charity needs.

In the financial hard times there is even a big need for our labour force to be out there doing things for the community. We don’t aim to compete with the business’s in our district, but there is a need for our services. Our men’s shed needs a new shed.

Need Donations and Bequests Donate to Our Mens Shed

Greater Building Society

BSB 637000

Account 716495213


Need donations for the shed - make a tax deductible donation sign

Yes we are incorporated and DGR approved



All donations over $2.00 to our bank account are tax-deductible, if you put any donations directly into our bank account, send us an e-mail with all of your details and the amount deposited and we will gladly send you out a receipt.


Need Donations PayPal Donations

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You can give a donation to us via PayPal, you can use Visa or Master Card or your own PayPal account to give us a donation.

You can also nominate to give a subscription to us, annual donation, or at what ever interval that you decide.

If you change your mind you can un-subscribe here.

So give us a call and donate now. Call Us

We are trying get funding for our future shed plans, so any donations are greatly appreciated. 

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