Business Plan Men Shed Goals

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Business Plan Outlined

Our business plan over the next 5 years is to plan a shed, and acquire a site to build our mens shed on. Fund raising by way of community fund-raising activities and apply for online grants to help fund the expansion of our shed, and the community activities we do both in the shed and externally in the community. We are an incorporated business registered with our ABN 86943384526 and the Department of Fair Trade.

Our incorporation number is INC 9897842 and we are very proactive with business’s in our community.

Networking with the members of the shed and business’s in our community, and seeking out sponsors to help fund our community projects. Planning to raise enough funding to  pay for our utilities, and public liability insurance each year. Community support is a prime focus as a part of our business plan. Getting donations for activities that we do to help fund our activities with offering community support.

Part of our overall business plan is to raise $10,000 for investment, in a Newcastle Permanent Building Society account, for our mens shed activities. Our shed construction will be on going, and the equipment for the shed, we aim to expand on to empower us to do more support work in the community and the shed. Plans to network with other sheds will be on a regular basis, and interacting with the national body (Australian Men’s Shed Association) for guidance and support  will be on going.

Seeking out community sponsors to help us achieve our activities and offering support for mens health issues. Sometimes men can need an activity to do when they retire. Saying I am going to retire and do nothing can be a very fatal plan, men need to keep their social interactions and keep busy. It is well proven that men who are active do not get depression, and have less health problems. So get busy and keep active is the answer.

Our plan is to get busy in the community and the shed, remember blokes talk shoulder to shoulder not face to face, this is all apart of a good business plan. Men need to be active and this is why there are over 900 mens sheds in Australia. We like to network with other men’s sheds.

So “get active and get busy” is our motto, give us a call or come along to our meetings and join in on our mens shed activities, it is all apart of our business plan for the shed.

Community Activities

We offer support to pensioners that have no family support and disabled people who need odd jobs done, and we even will make up wheelchair ramps if they don’t have that vital family support that is needed. We offer to do handyman jobs for those who are needy, and we don’t publish these kinds of charity projects online for privacy reasons. We also do charity work for non-profit charities that are in need of a voluntary skilled workforce. Our services are offered to schools, hospitals, child care centres, women’s refugees, retirement villages and many other non-profit business’s that have a very strict budget and need to get things done, these are the things we do now, and will keep doing as a part of our business plan.

Our raffles and barbecues are on going and we don’t publish our treasures report online. If your business would like this information, please contact us and ask us. 

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