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Shed Sponsors Mens Shed Supporters

Shed sponsors are extremely important to our mens shed, without them we would not be able to do the things we do for the local community and our members. Here we list our shed sponsors and we gratefully will be putting their logo on our T Shirts. Our activities would be very much restricted. It is vital that we have shed sponsors and give recognition to them, their offering to support us both financially and by way of charitable donation s of equipment, empowers us to do our community projects and assists us with the every day running of our mens shed. We are a recognised charity and here is our ABN Number.  Our incorporation has been approved and is displayed online. So we are a Incorporated charity with tax exemption and GST exemption.

If you would like to see our constitution, mission statement or business plan, we keep them all online.  Our shed is very proactive in the community and are keen to have more sponsors to help support our activities. Here are our sponsors, we are sure we will have more soon.


 Local Hearing Wallsend


Farnhams Butchery Wallsend


Daracon Construction Group

If you would like to become a shed sponsor, please go to our contact us page and call us or e-mail us. Sponsors are accepted both locally and nationally, if you would like to become one of the shed sponsors and get noticed on our website and a logo on our T Shirts, even on our shed when can gain enough finance to build one then get in touch and we can talk about how you can become a sponsor. We don’t publish how much is donated to us, but we do give out a tax receipt for the next years financial tax return.

Shed Sponsorship What We Can Do For You

With our shed sponsorship we can display your company logo on our T Shirts or our Blue Gum Hills Mens Shed caps. We are seeking a sponsor for our caps at the moment, we need funding to get our workshop built and it cost a lot of money to build a large size workshop. We proudly display our shed sponsors and when our workshop is built we will add sponsors to our front gates so everybody will know who backed us. We will even put them on our trailer when we can buy one. You can be displayed as one of our shed sponsors on the tailgate of the trailer on the sides. It all takes money to get the wheels in motion. We don’t sit idle with cap in hand, we do barbecues and raffles and get small donations for the work we do.


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