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new banners have arrived

Written By: garry - Mar• 17•14

Just in time for jesmond shopping centre seniors week our  banners and new business cards have arrived …. what a great job vista print has done. They look great.


I would like to also say thank you to all our members who could help us during this week.

Abit of news for everyone now we have just signed the paper work for the land down at the

end of bousfield st wallsend. Now the fun really starts we are in the process of getting our DA done.

So hopefully by the end of the year we will have our new shed up an running .. so if any one would like to come

On board and sponser us this would help BGHMS get therequicker, we would also put you on our shirts, website,

and  a sign on the shed grounds with your business on It. Thanks again guys

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newcastle show

Written By: garry - Feb• 27•14

our men shed will be in at the Newcastle show this year and we would love for all our supporters

to come along and say hello to us we will be in the main building number 5 down on the back wall…

                                             see you all there. 

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barnsley public school

Written By: garry - Feb• 03•14

100_4252 100_4253 100_4254 100_4255 100_4256 100_4257 100_4258 100_4259during the school holidays the men have been working hard doing up Barnsley public schools bbq area up.

they have done a really good job.

I would also like to say thank you to the business that donated us gifts to help with the costs.

Bunning’s warehouse glendale

wallsend coles

christens hair wallsend

wallsend pharmacy

carters bikes edgeworth

Holmesville butchers


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GBHMS media report on 4/1/14

Written By: garry - Jan• 12•14

BGHMS media report

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HPCA christmas party

Written By: garry - Dec• 05•13

Today 5/12/13 the committee went to HPCA Christmas party

while we where their the members and members children received presents for all their work they put into helping HPCA out

we are great full for the gifts and would like to say thank you

also today blue gum hills men’s shed was presented a certificate for helping out a lady in Marrylands who has nine of her grandchildren

good job guys :)


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Written By: garry - Dec• 01•13

During the last few months our ladies from the shed have been organising our Christmas party. With donations from Joes meats and all our bread was donated from bakers delight. our venue was supplied by Wallsend sporties club while a few of the ladies where getting the venue and food ready, the other ladies where donating gifts to go into our raffle and making side dishes for the day/night one lady member had donated a lot of gifts for us to use in the Christmas raffle and later raffles down the track so we are very grateful for that.

After we had our party we have been getting back to business with work during this time we have heard that Elermore Valle men’s shed  was broken in to and they have had there Christmas money stolen from which they where going to have a party for the men. In this time our chair man thought it would be nice to donate $100 to Elermore Valle men’s shed so they can still celebrate all their hard work they have done over the year. we like to help other men’s shed ‘s out where ever possible.

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closing over christmas

Written By: garry - Nov• 07•13


hi everyone thanks for all your support over the year we will be going on break over Christmas between 3rd December 2013 and will be back on the 4th feb 2014. during this time the men will be keeping up to the lawns/ jobs they are doing at present time but will not be taking any more on till after the 4th feb 2014. hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and a happy new year

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Written By: garry - Oct• 11•13

Recently we have been looking for a new printer for the men’s shed to use but have not been succesful in finding one until now, two of our own recent members have dontated one of there printers for the men’s shed to use. We are very greatful for this and would like to say thank you to David and Salina for there on going support and membership.

As some people may already know we have been looking for a mower and whipper snipper for the grandmother with 9 of her grandchildren, well we have been lucky enough that they have been donated to us and we have passed them on to her. She is so happy with the help of the community and the men’s shed. so on behalf of her and blue gum hills mens shed i would like to say thanks to Andrew Shaw and David and Salina on there donation of the mower and whipper snipper.


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community work on the garden’s

Written By: garry - Sep• 28•13



Here is a few photos of some of the members helping out with the community garden down at Wallsend also a certificate of apparition from connected community’s for helping out with all the other community gardens as well good job boys. In these photos you will see some of the members children helping out with the garden beds was such a great day for all ages young and old.


20130908_112736 20130908_112612 20130908_112601

20130908_112150 20130908_112111 20130908_112059

20130908_105204 20130908_105147 20130908_105112

20130908_105004 20130908_104850 20130908_104833








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one of many community gardens

Written By: garry - Jun• 23•13

One of the gardens the men have done. Good job boys keep up the good work.


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sponsorship by aromas at wallsend plazza and wallsend sporties club.

Written By: garry - May• 22•13

Aromas at Wallsend donated sandwich’s for the event that was held at Wallsend sporties club on the 20/5/13. A one hour presentation called Mind your Mates delivered by June Anderson from Lifeline, about suicide alertness and depression.


Mind your Mates night

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Peter Rose Motors

Written By: garry - May• 22•13

Today we received the hats for the Blue Gum Hills men shed members, sponsorship from Peter Rose Motors.
Now our members will be safe from the sun.

 Thankyou for sponsoring the Blue Gums Hills Men's Shed

Thankyou for sponsoring the Blue Gums Hills Men’s Shed

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