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Our Wish List Mens Shed Listings

Our wish list is fairly big – we need all kinds of tools and building materials to help our mens shed grow.

These are just some of the things that we need, however any donations to help our charity are very much appreciated. Our needs are many and the more resources that we can get the better we can serve the local community. Any funding to buy tools from Toolies at Sandgate would be appreciated. Toolies are good to charities, sometimes they will give us our equipment at a reduced price.

Giving tools to us helps many charities, we use the tools on community projects and build things for schools and retirement villages. There is a big move towards retirement villages starting up their own mini mens sheds and we give our spare tools to these projects, this helps to reduce their wish list, nothing is wasted!  Sometimes if required, we will sell off extra tools and use the money to help fund some of our projects.

Have you got a deceased estate?  Are you going into a retirement village and down sizing? put your tools to good use and donate them to us.

Get in touch! We need your support – personal or business.  You can get in touch with us on our contact us page or if you would like to make a financial donation you can go to our donations page.

A big thank you to all of our sponsors who have given things to our men’s shed, most have given as a private donation, but we are happy to give recognition for your support if requested

  • A purpose-built workshop to do our community activities in it.
  • Hammers of all kinds
  • Drill bits of all sizes
  • Saws of all kinds, wood saws, hack saws etc
  • Paints of all kinds.
  • woods stains all kinds needed.
  • Paint brushes
  • Benches for the shed
  • All kinds of wood to do our projects with.
  • Power tools of all kinds
  • Router for doing fancy edges
  • A Thicknesser for our wood work
  • Mig Welder
  • Fridge for the shed
  • An Urn to boil the morning cuppa tea and coffee
  • Wood chisels for wood-turning, hammering for wood work and metal work ones as well.
  • Bench grinder to sharpen our tools with
  • Gardening tools of all kinds
  • Whipper sniper 18volt thanks to Sidney Myer Fund.
  • Hedge cutter 36 volt thanks to Sidney Myer Fund.
  • Honda self-propelled mower thanks to Sidney Myer Fund.
  • Ride on mower  thanks to Sidney Myer Fund.
  • Power chain saw  thanks to Sidney Myer Fund.
  • Tie down ropes
  • Lockers to store things in
  • Tools stacker shelving for all of our nuts and bolts
  • Nuts and bolts of all sizes
  • Files both for wood working and metal work
  • T Shirt sponsor for wearing to special occasions.
  • angle grinder
  • Trailer  Thanks to the Sidney Myer Foundation!
  • Ute to carry our equipment in
  • Screwdrivers of all different size, and different types, flat head and Philips.
  • Dust extractors
  • Wood lathe thanks to Wallsend/Maryland Rotary Club.
  • Sanding equipment, woodwork is a big community project that we do all the time. Thanks for the donation, from a private sponsor!
  • Electric plane to shave back wood with.
  • New vices to hold both our woodwork and metal work objects in.
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