Mission Statement

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Our mission is to provide a facility that empowers all men of all ages to socialise together and do things in a practical way that by participation will encourage a development of a good self-esteem for each other and be a support to our local community projects in a good and positive way.

Aims Of Our Shed

The general aims of our men’s shed are to:

1. Enjoy the company of each other.

2. Assist men of all ages and background through mate-ship, mentoring and support.

3. Provide practical activities in a safe working environment.

4. Gain the help of health and wellbeing professionals when we can.

5. Provide respite care activities for the disabled and the disadvantaged.

6. Provide instruction and skill training for senior men.

7. Provide intergenerational learning and mentoring

8. Focus on men’s health and wellbeing, encouraging and assisting users to gain access to relevant services and information available to them within the community

9. To help support the issues of isolation, loneliness and depression which are faced by many men when they stop full-time employment or are looking for work by providing them with a space, tools and support to help them meet their goals.

10. Provide a place for men – especially those who have retired or are unemployed – to socialise, use their skills to mentor each other with our community projects, in a OH&S environment.

11. Provide support to our local community by way of doing small repairs for non-profit charities and needy people in the community. Offering support for those who are seniors and disabled who need our support for their home needs. Support greater participation in the local community to non-profit groups that need our support.

12 Encourage others to be supportive to these aims, in a positive outlook.

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