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Community Activities For The Community

Our community activities involve us in going to non-profit organisations and needy individuals places and doing small repairs and installs. We do all kinds of repairs from fixing fixtures to installing a railing, no matter what you need, you supply the materials and we will do it for your group. We do this for primary schools, high schools, child care centers, women’s refuges, retirement villages and many other non-profit groups.

Location of Community Activities

This varies from many suburbs, we will go most places in Newcastle, sometimes your group might be nearer to another mens shed and we will offer the work to them for their community activities. We will refurbish furniture and repair old wooden toys, do lawns for the elderly so long as they don’t have family that can do it for themselves. This keeps them at home longer, instead of having to be put into a nursing home. Here is a list of the suburbs that we mostly go to:-

West Wallsend
Cameron Park

We will go to other places, but these are the places that we attend to the most. So if you need any community activities done in your area just give us a call.

community activities is what we do.

Cleaning pathways and tidying things up, all kinds of handyman jobs is what we do. Even cleaning curtains and mowing the odd elderly persons lawn is what we also do. Many job seekers have done volunteer work for Men’s Sheds, our community activities are very vast, need a job done, just give us a call and ask us. We will do jobs for hospitals and community centres and even neighbourhood centres. We are a volunteer group of males, not just seniors, who like to do community activities of all kinds. Getting all kids of community organisations seeking small repair jobs is what we do for the community.

 Places We Help Support In Community Activities

We help support the Newcastle Children’s Hospital, we are going to refurbish their Fairy Garden, rebuild all the outdoor furniture and hand rails. When completed we will go back any time they need our support and do repairs for them. Places like this we do all the work for free, we don’t expect to get a donation from them. The kids will love to use the garden while they are in hospital.

Minmi Progress Hall gets our support, we have tidied up the garden and will help out when they need a volunteer workforce to help keep the wheels in motion.

Our activities have us doing community projects for schools, hospitals and all kinds of charitable places that need a voluntary trades support the group to fix and repair things. This is what Men’s Sheds do in the local community. Just a part of our community activities service.

Our community activities involve hammering and sawing.

Need it fixed – Call the mens shed

We don’t have a base shed of our own yet but are working out of the Newcastle Greyhounds premises at 104 Sandgate Road Birmingham Gardens, we have a site from the Newcastle Council at 20 Ganney Road Wallsend and are working to get our new shed up and running. Then we will get things moving along. Having a central location that we can call our own will be good for our members and the community as well. Yes, we do hammering and nailing, among the many activities in the shed. We have a band saw, wood lathes etc and we will be happy to get it set up once we get a shed. Wood turning is high on our list of activities and doing raised garden beds and helping to install decking are all things that we do


We still do our community activities for the community and we are proudly apart of the Australian Mens Shed Association. You can find men’s sheds all over Australia and in other countries as well, not all of them do community activities but a lot of us do. If you are a social worker, please pass our service to other workers, who are looking for work groups that do community projects. There are other men’s sheds that do community activities for their local community, just put the post code in the link I left here and you will find them.

You can become a volunteer worker with us and this can count as part of your job search activities learn how to work in a team and improve your work skills. You can help vulnerable people in the community by doing out community activities If you are a job seeker register with a  job services Australia. This could greatly enhance your chances of getting better skills for the work force. Some people have become members because they are doing 15 hours a week Mutual obligation with Centrelink. You don’t have to be elderly and retired to be apart of the men’s shed. Even shift workers have joined our community service projects. Another good men’s support group that offer counselling are the Mens Line Australia.

We are willing to get involved with Rotary International and the local Lions Clubs and we have been known to help out local Scouting groups as well, they all have community projects that need doing and when approached by them we are keen to help out.

Need A Handyman Call Men’s Shed

We do all kinds of work, we do like a donation for our efforts, and no we don’t do the work for just anybody. If you are needy (Senior Pensioner, with no family support or disabled and again no family support ) then call us, we won’t charge you a fortune to help you out with home repairs, we work for donations, we are also there for the non-profit charitable companies that need our workforce support.

Maintenance repairs for non-profit companies is just one of the many community activities services that we do, we go to schools, child care centres, retirement villages, women’s refuges, community centres and neighbourhood centres, to name just a few types of places we are willing to offer support too. We offer support to seniors and the disabled, doing home maintenance repairs and even wheel chair ramps installed, sometimes seniors don’t have any family support and we will offer to help out. Give us a ring or drop us an e-mail, and we can get in touch and talk about what you need done. Men’s Sheds offer to do community activities.

Community Shed Support Needed

We need support from our local community, to do our community activities we need small business to get involved with us, We have the man power, some non-profit charities have the finances but not the resources to get things done. Our community activities involve us in building small things for non-profit charities, if they can buy the raw materials we can install them.

Contact Us Community Activities

Please go to our contact us page to get it in touch with us, and see what we can do for you in our community support mens shed. 

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